About PMZ Marketing Web Design and Development

PMZ Marketing designs and develops online web businesses for small and medium sized business to large database-driven e-commerce web stores all having the following business criteria:

Each online web business presence that PMZ Marketing designs and develops, has a high-end design and sophisticated technology that is unique and tailored to your business.

The PMZ Marketing design team consists of graphical designers with many years of experience in web presence development. Our client designs will utilise the latest cutting edge Internet application technology and web hosting platform. Our design teams will develop the look of your web presence that will be consistent with the look and feel of your business.  High-end design, easy navigation and quick ways to access information on your online web business presence are our major goals when developing and designing sites.

An integration team have the knowledge and expertise to design for cross platform compatibility using CSS and XHTML coding that will allow your online web business presence to be displayed on mobile phones or computer screens of any size in a consistent manner.

Our technology team will implement a comprehensive online business system to support your online web business presence and allow you to manage your own content and your online business without depending on a 3rd party.

Businesses use PMZ Marketing because of our ability to provide high-end design and technology at competitive prices to help our customers grow their business.

Our customers are long term and continue to do business with us because of the level of service we provide  and our ability to accomplish their goals in a timely, cost effective manner.